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To the Dating Advice Column


  Excerpts and adaptions  from the book  Of Knights and Fair Maidens 

by Jeff and Danielle Myers


Play games.

Go to church, organization, or work functions together.

Go to the lake for a day.

Cook a fancy dinner together.

Volunteer at a nursing home, jail, or community clean up activity.

Do landscaping and yard work at home, at your church, or at the home of someone who needs help.

Visit all of the nearby tourist sights youíve never bothered to check out.

Have a cookout.

Have a picnic

Go food shopping together

Invite some friends over and bake bread

Go berry picking

Go apple picking and bring a picnic and some good friends

Go to the beach; find rocks, sea glass, and shells for someoneís garden

Leave a message in the sand

Tour something: a ship, bakery, dairy, or radio/TV station.

Plant a garden.

Visit a fine arts museum.

Go to the library and research some crazy topic.

Go Christmas caroling, even at odd times of the year.

Hike, mountain bike, roller blade, cross country ski, jog, or ice skate.

Run errands for someone.

Visit a used bookstore.

Have a "bigger and better" night, where you start with something small and go door to door asking them to give you something that is "bigger and better" than what you have.

Buy some paints and paint a picture.

Throw a theme party for friends.

Write a story together and try to get it published.

Lead singing on an elevator or in another public place.

Visit a junkyard.

Shop for something special: fancy china, a car, or a mink coat (doesnít buy anything!).

Go bowling with friends.

Attend an unusual convention of stamp collectors; coin collectors, home improvement experts, or Elvis Presley look-a-likes.

Go roller-skating!

Price caskets at a funeral home.

Buy a junk piece of furniture and refinish it.

Go to an auction.

Visit a large toy store.

Go garage"saling."

Visit a farmerís market.

Cook dinner together for friends or family

Baby-sit children together, taking them to a fun kids spot.

Earn some money raking leaves, shoveling snow, or washing windows.

Fold bulletins for your church, or help in other ways.

Sit in on a trial and discuss it afterwards.

Write letters to missionaries.

Visit a cemetery and read gravestones.

Talk about the lives those people might have lived.

Become a Big Brother/Big Sister.

Make up a survey (on anything) and give it at the mall or in a park.

Teach a class.

Fix a meal for a couple with a new baby.

Make crafts for birthday or Christmas presents.

Read a really good book.

Visit a bookstore.

Go to the public library.

Conduct a community outreach activity.

Take a group of children on a field trip.

Make some bag lunches and distribute them to homeless people.

Volunteer for a political party.

Go to a conference or seminar together.

Plan a budget together.

Draw house plans of houses you would like to build. Compare them.

The possibilities are endless, arenít they?

I would like to hear about your ideas and share them with my readers. Click here.




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